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Paula Senn - Customer and NEW Nutrition Coach

Posted in: Testimonials  on Friday, November 22, 2013

In May of 2013, I turned 50.  Most of my adult life I have been a diligent exerciser and avid nutrition researcher, but never seemed to achieve the results I had always wanted- muscle definition and- like most of us- losing that LAST 10 pounds.

Searching for the ultimate eating plan, I had tried them all: The Zone, Dukkan, Wheat Belly, no fat, no carb, lo carb, even liquid fasting.   And although they often had dramatic initial results, in could never maintain the regimens, and would slowly deviate until I was back to my old eating habits.  After having two children in my forties, it became even more difficult to commit to any kind of healthy eating plan.

When I finally met with Stephen from Max Muscle Manassas, VA, I was ready to commit to a new perspective towards eating.  He designed a nutrition plan for me, based on my personal body composition, exercise habits, and food preferences.

When I started I weighed 151; my original goal weight was 145, which was somewhat arbitrary - it was what I had weighed in college.  After only one week I had lost 3 pounds, and in each subsequent week I continued to lose. I actually got town to 139 and when my personal trainer told me I shouldn't lose any more weight, I had to agree!  Talk about the most awesome dilemma!!  Not only that, I finally have that muscle definition I have always wanted.  Even better, I found that my mental clarity improved and I had fewer instances of "mental fog".  I had gone from 30 years of mediums to size small; sizes 10 and 8 to a 6!  I had go to buy new clothes because my old looked terrible, bulky and baggy.  

Max Muscle nutrition coaching changed my life.  Their approach to nutrition is ingenious yet simple.  Also, they continuously educated me so that after I finished the 12 week plan, I had everything I needed to continue my success- for life.

In fact, I have been so excited and impressed with my personal results that I decided to become one of their nutrition coaches myself! After starting the plan in June of 2013, 5 months later I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and proud to be a part of the Max Muscle team.